What is Wordum?

Wordum is your silly drunk copywriter. It generates text randomly picked from the English vocabulary, and serves as dummy text content for designers, advertisers and anyone looking for examples of what Gibberish might mean!

The output is a weird story that has no relation to reason, grammar or time. A story written by a crazy genius with a philosophy that goes beyond the human understanding.

So far we had general truth quotes generated:
“Faithful men were found!”

Hilariously nutritional information:
“An honest husband that depends in animals live even turkey or termites.”

Funny scientific facts:
“Who plays an all-out savage attack the relatively distant planets and environmental situation of female elephant began land or sperms.”

Business & strategic decisions:
“Future events-events favourable and achievements of sequence strategist is as, the subjective soliloquy without paying the baseline.”

Wall-Street secrets:
“Definitely unique the predictions have twisted together they cannot imagine any consolation it turned, out, soon after about, strategies capable.”

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